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4K Multi-viewer & matrix


MV4H2-41 ,4K Quad Multi-viewer controller and 4:2 matrix, is designed for processing and controls several signals of more than 1920 × 1080 high-definition signal source to display single FullHD full–screen or 4K quad-viewer on 4K-resolution screen form either HDMI output port. 4K quad multi view output includes 4 FullHD signal on a 4K LCD panel.  4 1080P signal can be pixel by pixel displayed on a large 4K LCD panel without any down scaling. Meanwhile, it supports various format video signals source, such as AV/YPbPr, VGA, HDMI input with from 480i up to full-HD resolution. It is ideal for applications demanding 4 or less viewer display, such like digital signage, multi-viewer monitoring room, outdoor advertising display, indoor public advertisement in airport, bank, government, hotel, railway station, and hospital and so on. Two HDMI output ports can independently output 4K multi view signal or one full-screen 1080P signal.